Dragon Cup 2020

Dragon Cup 2020 (former Incorsa Cup 2020) competition date change
Start hours changed

Due the epidemiological sanitary situation in our country and the guidelines of the PZSS (Polish Shooting Sports Association) and Regional Director of IPSC, we inform you that the competition LIII DRAGON CUP -20 will  take place on 24-25 October. Fees paid may remain for future use or returned to designated bank accounts, by email request.

Registration opened 9.9.2020 – 18.10.2020

Shooters registered after closing, remain on waitlist.


Official invitation:

ZSD and KS Silesia Guns and Target Alfa Silesia would like to invite all our members and amateurs of competitive shooting to the Dragon Cup 2020 Level III match.
If you would like to apply as a RO, please check suitable box in registration form or send us an email to
incorsa2020@zsdkrakow.pl. You will be placed in prematch squad then.
We would like to ask all teams to register before 18.10.2020 via email to dragoncup2020@zsdkrakow.pl
That will help us prepare team awards in advance.
Those shooters, who wants to take part in a handgun match and then PCC, have to register and pay twice under
a mandatory condition – first registration is in Saturday handgun squad and second one in Sunday PCC squad. Note: Match Director has a right to move competitors between squads to ensure that all PCC shooters shoot together.
Match will take place on 24-25 October 2020 at shooting range in Przyszowice, Poland.

Dragon-cup-invite-letter official document for foreign guests shooters



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Shooting range location: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1EdWLayJXAu9JSy5JC0EhApipQEObuWac&usp=sharing

Match name: Dragon Cup 2020
Match type: Handgun and PCC
Range Master: Tadeusz Noga
Match director: Adam Włoczewski
Stats Officer: Dariusz Bismor
Technical delegate: Zbigniew Kubicz
Match level: III
Place: Shooting Range “TAS”,
Localization – https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1EdWLayJXAu9JSy5JC0EhApipQEObuWac&usp=sharing
Drive by: Zabrze, ul. Jana Szymały (to the end, then by signs)
GPS: 51.487727, 19.400965
Organizers: ZSD Kraków, KS Silesia Guns, Target Alfa Silesia
Pre-match: 23th of October 2020 – 12:00
Prematch is for ROs and VIPs only, starts 11.00 am o’clock
Main Match: 24 October 2020 Handgun squads, starts 10.00 am o’clock
25 October 2020 Handgun squads and PCC squads, starts 9.00 am o’clock
Max match capacity: 180. Match Directory could decide to change squads if needed
Min rounds: 220
No of stages: 12
Divisions: Production, Standard, Open, Classic, Revolver, PCC
Categories: Junior, Lady, Senior, Super Senior
Ammo: As per IPSC rules
Registration deadline: TBA
Payment deadline: TBA
Entry fee (PLN): 320 zł
* Ladies – 150 zł
* Junior – free of charge
Entry fee (EUR): 76€/38€ (lady)
VIP entry fee: 100€
Entry for competitors paying on site: 100 €
Payment can’t be withdrawn, can be declared for another participant eventually.
Safety angles: due to structural reasons there may be narrowed safety angles on the stages
Teams: Min 3 competitors
Registration starts: TBA
Team registration deadline: TBA
Team payment deadline: TBA
Registration deadline: TBA
Team entry fee: 200zł (45€) – at least 3 teams in a division/category
Rules: IPSC, last edition
Arbitrary fee: 420zł (100€)
Limitation: only for IPSC competitors:
– competitors must be present on their regional IPSC competitors lists
Contact: dragoncup2020@zsdkrakow.pl
WWW: http://www.zsdkrakow.pl/en/incorsa2020

Registration open as practiscore show.

Registration only via practiscore.com


Practiscore account is free of any charges.
Upon a successful registration you will receive an e-mail with confirmation from practiscore.com. Then, after office approval, you will receive email with squadding link. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail with activation link, please contact us at incorsa2020@zsdkrakow.pl. If you’d like to pay on-site, please let us know at aforementioned e-mail address.
Please send your payments to:

Związek Strzelectwa Dynamicznego
Pasternik 128
31-354 Kraków

Alior Bank
13 2490 0005 0000 4520 7881 1994 – For PLN currency
IBAN: PL 96 2490 0005 0000 4600 6872 5235 – For EUR currency

Wire transfer details should include „DRAGONCUP2020”, First and Lastname or team name if paying for team

Briefings and stage drawings:

Briefings Handgun

Briefings PCC

Results Practiscore: LINK

Rresults PDF:
Results 1

Results 2

Results 3

Official results documents:

Komunikat Dragon Cup 2020 Pistolet IPSC

Komunikat Dragon Cup 2020 PCC IPSC