“Permanent fortifications in the area around Kraków are called “Kraków Fortress”. They are a system of defensive structures built at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Strategic location of Kraków placed it on the line of a potential offensive of the Russian forces in the direction of Vienna and Austrian Silesia. „Kraków Fortress” defended also economically significant Kraków Region. The defensive structures consisted of: artillery and infantry firing posts, pillboxes and storages as well as barrages.

Fort 45 Zielonki Marszowiec is a classical example of an artillery one-dyke fort. It was built around 1884 and constructional reinforcements were made around 1910. The fort consists of one-storey gorge barracks with a sponson flanking the main gate, the main pillbox and three caponiers.”.

Since 2003 ZSD Members executed numerous redeveloping and arranging works in Fort 45.

Owing to the collective effort of the club members, the fort became one of the finest shooting ranges in the world. “Strzelnica Twierdza – the Fortress Shooting Range” is an ideal location for IPSC shooting. Its charm and advantages were recognized by IPSC President Nick Alexacos during the “Cracow Open 2004” contest, when he proposed to organize here IPSC European Championship.

The fortress is not only a shooting range, but it also contains a bar, a restaurant, a hotel…