(Polski) Cracow Open 2021 – zaproszenie


Poster CO2021 Rafał

Here we invite you to participate in the Cracow Open 2021 Level III match.
If you would like to apply as a RO, please check suitable box in registration form or send us an email to
co2021@zsdkrakow.pl. You will be placed in prematch squad then.
We would like to ask all teams to register before 26th of July via email to co2021@zsdkrakow.pl.
That will help us prepare team awards in advance.
Those shooters, who wants to take part in a handgun match and then PCC match, have to register and pay twice under
a mandatory condition – first registration is in Saturday match squad and second one in Sunday match squad. Note: Match Director has a right to move competitors between squads to ensure that all PCC shooters shoot together.
Match will take place on 6-8th August 2021 at shooting range in Przyszowice, Poland, link: Strzelnica Target Alfa Silesia

Official invitation for foreign shooters – please, email request to co2021@zsdkrakow.pl

Regarding rising epidemic threat due to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), organizer demands participants to follow actual rules of Polish Ministry of Health (MZ) and Main Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) in scope of use of individual means of personal protection.

Details of match: http://www.zsdkrakow.pl/en/cracowopen2021/ or click match’s icon on right upper side.

ZSD Kraków