Are you interested in shooting?! Don’t know how to begin? You have found the right starting point! This tab is for anyone who wants to try shooting sport in its dynamic form. Below you will find step-by-step directions on how to become an IPSC shooter – member of ZSD in Zielonki.

1. First become a member of our club: Związek Strzelectwa Dynamicznego – Dynamic Shooting Association. To do this, download and fill the member declaration and get the certificate of non-criminal record from Krajowy Rejestr Karny (National Criminal Record). After completing the above documents, submit them to Zbignew Szuba (mobile: +48 606 159 864 – please call after 5pm). The application will be processed on the Board meeting. The decision of admittance or refusal shall be promptly communicated to the applicant. When the applicant is accepted, he/she will transfer the registration fee of 100 PLN and annual membership fee of 400 PLN to the ZSD bank account: PLN – 91 1020 2892 0000 5702 0887 7369

The next step of a new member is to contact our shooting instructors:

– Wiesław Burzec, mobile: +48 501 451 437

– Dariusz „Czecze” Dąbrowski, mobile : +48 501 488 777

No matter if you are familiar with firearms or if it is going to be your “first time”, the instructors will assess your skills (in respect to safe firearm handling) or they will instruct you on IPSC firearm handling safety

2. As a member of our club who has acquired the basic training, you will be delegated to pass an exam at PZSS (Polish Sport Shooting Association), after which you will gain patent strzelecki (Sports Shooter Certificate). Preparing to the exam, you need to acquire knowledge about sports shooting rules and Polish Firearms and Ammunition Act. At the exam you need to fill legibly and bring the application for the Sports Shooter Certificate with a valid medical report by a sports medical doctor, as well as an ID with a photograph. Besides, a new member needs to fill the application for a PZSS membership card and the application form for a PZSS sports licence. Fees in PZSS.

3. Having passed the PZSS exam, a new member needs to pass the internal IPSC shooter exam. He will pass the paper test concerning IPSC rules. Having passed the test, the practical exam is held to confirm adequate shooting skills and knowledge of IPSC safety rules. Next, the shooter is enrolled in the IPSC Poland Region shooters’ list, after which he is authorised to participate worldwide in any competition recognised by IPSC authorities.


  • Each person newly ascending to the ZSD is obliged to pass basic training in use of in the short firearms caliber 9mm, finished with exam for shooting patent and competence carried out in accordance with the new rules of IPSC Region Poland.
  • The course includes 5 theoretical hours and 20 hours of practical classes.
  • A full cycle of training must last at least 3 months from the date of acceptance of the candidate by the Board of the Club.
  • Candidate after meeting the formal requirements receives a list of IPSC shooters that are able to carry such training.
  • The course fee is 600zł.
  • This fee does not include the cost of ammunition and payments for rights (shooting patent, shooting license) specified in separate regulations of PZSS.
  • The training includes preparation for the practical examination of the shooting patent, instructions and materials necessary to pass the theory test of IPSC (only for center fire pistol).
  • A club or a person entitled can indicate the procedure leading to obtaining a PZSS shooting patent also on rifle and shotgun.
  • The form of preparation to exams is also a participation under the supervision of a coach in the Level I competition organized by the ZSD with the agree of the Range Master.
  • If you do not pass the exam on shooting patent or competency exam you will have the right to receive training and exam, the cost of such training is 200zł and does not include the value of the used ammunition.
  • ZSD will assist in the preparation of an application for a gun permit and prepare necessary form for registration as IPSC shooter.
  • People with shooting patent or other powers enabling them to pass only competence IPSC exam are subject to a fee of 50% of the basic rate referred in a point above. For those people an amount hours of lessons referred above is the maximum amount.
  • All shooters candidates that applicates after March 16, 2015 has to work minimum 40 hours in the first year for ZSD and has to record this time is work card.
  • Such a declaration will be a part of on the application for admission to ZSD.
  • A record of hours worked by the newcomers will lead a dedicated instructor and a list of them will be attached to a personal folder of shooter.
  • This work must have a close connection with the operation of ZSD, in particular the construction and organization of the event and work under their current needs.
  • For this work candidates and members will not gain the equivalent in the form of bonuses and discount or any other form of financial compensation.