Cracow Open 2015 EN

Związek Strzelectwa Dynamicznego has the pleasure to announce that this year’s edition of the oldest and arguably the most popular Polish IPSC handgun match belonging to Polish 2015 Grand Prix – Cracow Open 2015 Level III, will be held August, 23, 2015, in Parzęczew near Łódź.
We heartily invite the regular visitors, our longtime friends, as well as the newcomers starting their adventure with practical shooting.
For objective reasons we have irreversibly lost the possibility to invite you to our Twierdza – the wonderful venue which used to host our event and charm its visitors with the character of a historical Austrian stronghold mixed with Cracow’s own unique spell.
As the location of this year’s edition, we have chosen a shooting range located in the centre of Poland, very well communicated with the system of highways, which shall improve the access to the match location significantly for most of the competitors. The location in Parzęczew, as well as the shape of the shooting range itself, vast experience of its administrator and the wide array of accommodation possibilities guarantee great fun for competitors and officials.

The invitation for foreign competitors can be downloaded HERE

Parzęczew Shooting Range Location:

Match Name: Cracow Open 2015
Level: III
Region: Poland
City: Parzęczew
Range location: Mapka
Club: ZSD Cracow
Match date: Pre-match: 22.08.2015
Main Match: 23.08.2015
Discipline: Handgun
Minimum rounds: 232
Number of stages: 12
Divisions: Production, Standard, Open, Classic, Revolver
Categories: Junior, Lady, Senior, Super Senior
Registration: ON-LINE
Online registration deadline: 15.08.2015
Entry fee (PLN): 250
Entry fee (EUR): 60
Maximum competitors number: 144
Range Master: Alexander Szabó
Match Director: Wojciech Rabiega
Stats Officer: Jarosław Bieliński
Stat Officer II: Artur Bieliński
Web page:

Saturday, 22.08.2015 r.

11.00 – 12.00 Pre-match and Saturday squads’ registration
12.00 – 18.00 Pre-match and Saturday squads’ competition
18.30 Officials’ Briefing
18.30-19.30 – Saturday squads score verification.

Saturday, 23.08.2015

07.30 – 08.45 Registration for Main Match
08.45 Official Match opening
09.00 – 16.00 Main Match
16.00 – 17.00 Results verification
17.00 – 18.00 Announcement of results, official Match closing

CROs and ROs are kindly requested to apply for the participation in the Pre-Match and in officiating at the Main Match via e-mail:

We invite Competitors to register via the Registration Form. You can register to:

One of three squads shooting on Saturday, August 22th (Squad 1, 2 i 3)
One of nine squads shooting on Sunday, August 23th (Squad 4 – 12)

After registration you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link and your starting number.

Registration fee prepaid as a bank transfer BEFORE or ON 15.08.2015: 250 PLN or 60 EUR
Registration fee prepaid as a bank transfer AFTER 15.08.2015: or at the day of the match: 300 PLN or 70 EUR

The registration fee is to be transferred to the following the bank account:

Towarzystwo Strzeleckie Shooting-Academy,
ul. Plywacka 126, 94-127 Lodz
Bank: Alior Bank Oddzial w Lodzi,
ul. Wyszynskiego 29, 94-048 Lodz
IBAN: PL 21 2490 0005 0000 4530 3779 9537

In bank transfer details please enclose your NAME and the STARTING NUMBER enclosed in the received e-mail.