About us

On May, 23rd 2017 a General ZSD Members Assembly was held, where new ZSD authorities were elected as follows:

Adam Pikul – President
Mariusz Wójcik – Secretary
Piotr Jewiec – Treasurer
Zbigniew Szuba – Board member – HR


Związek Strzelectwa Dynamicznego
Ul. Pasternik 128, 31-354 Kraków
Tel.: +48 601 504 450

NIP: 513-005-94-54
REGON: 356815551

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GPS: 50.104021° N, 19.864524° E

The shooting range of the club is located in the post-Austrian Fort 45 in Zielonki Marszowiec. Since 2003 ZSD Members executed here numerous redeveloping and arranging works. Owing to the collective effort of the club members, the fort became one of the finest shooting ranges in the world. “Strzelnica Twierdza – the Fortress Shooting Range” is an ideal location for IPSC shooting. HERE you can find some concise information about the shooting range history.

ZSD bank account

Bank account number: PLN – 13 2490 0005 0000 4520 7881 1994
Alior Bank Opolska 100, 31-323 Kraków

Below you will find actual IPSC rules concerning handgun, shotgun and Action Air :